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by Karl Verkade

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An EP of collected songs. Ambient soundscapes, relying heavily on actual moving air from amps and voices. No post-effects were used anywhere on this record. As usual, you'll need a good pair of stereo headphones or external speakers for the full affect.

Over the last few months, I've written a couple of songs for some compilations, and have written a few more that just sort of made their way out of my guitar. I was tempted to keep them hidden away for a new album in the future, but I really wanted to share them as a thank you to all of you for supporting me on the first album.

So thank you. I hope these are enjoyable.

Homeland: a piece that came out of testing a certain sound for a track within But Not to Last. The melody just sort of happened, and as it started to speak to me, I decided to press record. This piece was recorded and looped in one take, and there is a youtube video of that take on my channel. I stereo panned it for the album version.

But Not to Last: this song had a very difficult birth. The idea I wanted to convey has been with me since the end of recording the last album, but I never felt like I was quite grasping it. The addition of vocals ended up finally bringing this piece to fruition, as I felt they added that human factor to a song that I originally wanted to do just that. There are many a video and audio recording of failed versions of this piece. haha I just thought I had something, and wasn't going to rest until I was satisfied with it.

Through Broken Clouds: originally written for the Hope for Joplin benefit compilation. I would still encourage you to check out that Facebook page and support in any way possible, but I promised to make it available eventually, so here it is. This piece relies heavily on reverse delay, and the main track was a one-take loop. I later re-tracked some of the arranged parts in order to make a finalized stereo studio version. This song also has a youtube video that goes with it, along with another youtube video that shows the live looping of the main track.

Before Summer Had an End: this piece actually came out of a demo video for the looping capabilities of the new Timeline delay. It just sort of happened, and I realized that I was exploring territory I had planned to write as a song tentatively called '1988'. So I took out the parts where I was moreso showing the delay functions, and re-looped the ending parts as left and right. You can hear them enter during the piece, giving the song the feeling of almost 'blooming'...a bit like growing up.

Lullabye for the Lost (New Mix): originally recorded and written for the Hope for Japan benefit compilation, and again, I'd encourage you to find their Facebook page and support them. I was a little bit under the gun for that compilation, and as such, I was never completely happy with the final version. I felt like I had a good melody (variation on a classical theme), but that I didn't bring it out quite right. So I remixed it for this EP, taking out some of the tracks that were inducing noise, panning other tracks, completely re-recording the single guitar intro now that I have the Prairiewood back, and re-recording the vocals using the Strymon Blue Sky as outboard gear.

Not sure if anyone cares about all that, but I thought it was fun. Cheers!


released August 1, 2011

Tone by: Prairiewood, Strymon, Matchless, Arion, Celestion, DR, ZVex, 65 Amps, Loop-Master, George Dennis, Hartman, the movement of air.

Written, performed, recorded, and produced by: Karl Verkade

Remastered March 2014 at Shalimar Studios.


all rights reserved



Karl Verkade Los Angeles, California

Ambient guitar and vocal soundscapes, dystopian and otherwise. More love than noise. And you are pretty much my favorite person for being here right now.

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